oshawa roofing repair companies

oshawa roofing repair companies

The roofing is the epidermis of a flat roof. An alteration of this protective layer has a direct impact on the rest of the roof. A good Council: repair the damage in the roofing as quickly as possible. Here you will discover how to proceed.

Supplies: tooling:
Pulp of repair bitumeuse
Glass Cloth
product anti-foam
rubber coating
work gloves
hard brush
metal spatula
High Pressure Cleaner
Step 1: clean the roof

Before proceeding to repair roof, make sure that the coverage of roof to be clean. Given that the roofing of a flat roof is a base that is favorable to the development of the foam, it is recommended to treat with a product anti-foam.
Apply the product on the surface of the roof using a brush. Let act (usually a small hour, but see the mode of employment for more details) and clean the roof with a high pressure cleaner.
Step 2: detect critical locations

Ideally, it should be crawl regularly on the roof to detect potential damages. But in reality, most of the people do not rise on their scale that when the roof is leaking already.
However, it is not obvious to detect the exact location of where is the source of the leak, because the damage in the roofing is seldom found where the visible leakage suggests.
Spend the whole of the roof to the comb end to detect potential damages. Do not search only cracks on the roofing, because the blisters also indicate that there is a problem. They are due in particular to the moisture contained under the cover of the roof.
Step 3: Repair the damage

clean the damaged area (cracking or blistering) using a stiff brush and cut it into cross to the assistance of a cutter.
Peel back the cut parts to be able to thoroughly clean the under-roof using a dry cloth.
It is important that the surface is completely dry before proceeding with the repair of the roofing. Optionally use a hot air gun or hair dryer.
Apply abundantly the dough of bitumeuse repair on the under-roof using a metal spatula or a brush.
Close and press the flaps of roofing on the pulp coated. It may be that a little dough appears between the seals.
Coat a new layer of pulp of bitumeuse repair on the surface and apply the glass cloth on the seals in the shape of a cross (use work gloves to this effect). ? Apply a final layer of pulp on the glass cloth and let dry.
Tip: For the microcracks, you do not have to apply the above method. You can plug them directly with the glass cloth and finish with the dough bitumeuse repair. However, make sure that the media is well dry.
Step 4: Apply the finishing layer

when you have treated the(s) damage(s), still apply a coating of rubber on the entire surface of the roof. This protective layer is particularly waterproof and allows a good evacuation of the water.
Coat abundantly the coating of the roof using a paint roller (use a telescopic handle to work more easily).
Attention: in principle, you do can then no longer walk on the coating. If you still need to walk on the roof, you can add a layer of glitter of slate.
It is also the ideal time to check if the gutters and the lowering of water are not obstructed. In effect, a bad evacuation of water increases the risk of leakage of the roof. oshawa roofing repair companies

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